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  • Low intermediate - advanced English level
  • Struggling with fluency
  • No time for physical classrooms - need flexible classes
  • Want to use authentic, fun class material
  • Want the community of a traditional class
  • Want the personal guidance of a teacher
  • Want to learn from a native English speaker
  • Want the best value for your money

If you answered "yes" to at least 3 of these questions, then yes! English Scene by Scene can help!


Learn English with Movies & TV

Using clips from popular American & British movies and TV shows, you’ll learn common English idioms, colloquialism, sayings, fillers, and more. Comedy, thrillers, romance, even children’s movies – I include them all to ensure you’re never bored!

Learn with Self-Paced Online Courses

If you have a tight schedule or would just prefer a self-paced online English course, I have many courses to offer. They follow a well known textbook and are designed to help you pass English tests.

Learn Real English

Both my live 1-on-1 lessons and my online courses focus on teaching real English. The courses include instruction on grammar, while the live lessons involve plenty of feedback and live communication.

Online Courses vs. Live Classes


$62.50 - $75 per Class
  • Best option for a lot of information for a low price
  • Equivalent to 4 live-classes
  • On your schedule - any time, any where
  • Courses build on each other
  • Classroom atmosphere with student forum discussions
  • Includes video lessons, audio recordings, worksheets, and exams
  • Specific theme for each class
  • Wide variety of clips included
  • Grammar, vocab, and phrases
  • A wide range of structured information
  • Lots of reading and writing practice
  • Email access to me for any questions


$22-$26 per 1-hour Session
  • Best option for speaking practice and individual attention
  • One-hour long sessions
  • Specific schedule
  • Each session stands alone
  • Student forum to connect with fellow students
  • Includes audio, recordings, and notes from the lesson
  • Personalized lessons - we'll work on what YOU need
  • In-depth movie/TV clip analysis
  • Engage in fun, interesting conversation
  • Very flexible structure
  • Lots of speaking practice
  • Email access to me for any questions

Me, and my husband, Jeff

Hello! Nice to meet you!

My name is Shelby and I’ll be your guide as you improve your English through movies, TV shows, and more! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Studies and a 200 hr. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate. I enjoy teaching, traveling, watching movies, reading, and coloring. I dream of seeing the world and meeting people from every continent. Let's get to know each other!


As a language learner myself, I’ve realized how much I pick up and learn about a language by watching movies and TV shows. I also know that self-study is difficult and that to really improve, I need a native speaker to practice speaking with. I’ve resolved all of these barriers for you! You’ll learn English with authentic, fun material to get you out of your textbook phrases and into the real world. You’ll speak with me, a native English speaker, online through video chat. I’ll be your teacher, answer your questions, and help push you from intermediate to advanced English. If you’re stuck at an intermediate English level and want to advance, you need to change the way you’re learning. With English Scene by Scene, you will! 

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