4 Useful English Filler Words to Sound Like a Native

Every language has filler words. They make you sound like a native, even if your English isn't that great. You'll hear these often in everyday conversation as well as on TV and in movies. Learn these easy English words to sound like a native fast!



This word is said quite often when someone agrees with you. It is often said in exclamation.


A:“Why do basketball players get paid so much? They’re just playing a game, not saving lives.”

B: “Right? They don’t even need school for that.”


Uh../ Um…

When you don’t know what to say, you say “Uh” or “Um.” This lets the other person know you’re thinking or are lost for words. Used often in native English conversation and an easy filler.


A: “Did you eat all the cookies?”

B: “Um, no, I uh, was out...getting, uh, my shoes polished.”



Often used in conversation among teenagers, but also among adults. It is said before further explaining your point or giving an example. Be aware, it CAN be said too much. Use sparingly if possible.

Example. “He was so creepy! Like, he walked over and just stood next to me. Without saying anything!”


You Know?

Used when you are looking for agreement. Said when looking for the listener to understand where the speaker is coming from.

Example. “I just wanted him to appreciate me, you know?”

Example. “You know how as soon as you get in the car, the traffic gets bad? Well, I've started leaving ten minutes early to avoid that.”

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