Unit 5 – Food Choices

This course involves everything quantities and packaging, to eating habits and cooking methods. You'll analyze clips, listen to audio recordings, post in the student forum, and fill out worksheets.

What You'll Learn

  • How to talk about food using expressions like a bottle of, a quart of, a loaf of, etc.
  • How to use too, too much, too many, and enough.
  • How to use quantifiers like a little, a few, very little, and very few.
  • How to talk about eating habits and different ways to cook food.
  • How to respond to suggestions by letting the other person decide. 
  • How to refuse offers politely using expressions like No, thanks. I'm fine.


Clip Time. This means you'll be watching the clips you downloaded. Have the clip bonus vocabulary list ready.

Pause. If I tell you to pause the video, it means you need to write something in your notebook then push play again.

Vocabulary list. Take out the vocabulary list for the unit and spend a few moments studying.

Worksheet. Time to work on the lesson worksheet you downloaded.



There will be blue boxes on many pages with forum tasks. To get the best experience, remember to do these tasks before moving to the next topic.


Every unit has an exam. Some have checkpoint exams to make sure you don't forget earlier units. If you don't pass after 2 times, contact me for help.


If you ever get confused, you can email me or post a question to the unit forum.

Warm Up



Look at the picture at the top of this page. Can you find these foods in the picture? What other foods can you find? Have you bought any of these things recently?

  • a bag of rice
  • a bottle of hot sauce
  • a package of frozen corn
  • a carton of soup
  • a can of fruit
  • a container of frosting
  • a box of noodles


Now that your English muscles are stretched out, let's learn!

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