6 Key Benefits to Learning English with Movies

If you’re struggling to reach advanced English, it means you need to change your learning system. You need a boost. Learning English with movies is that boost. Why?

1. Entertaining Content

What makes learning easy? Being entertained. That’s why children have so many educational programs. We can use movies the same way a child uses Sesame Street. By not thinking so hard and instead simply enjoying yourself, your brain can relax and you will naturally pick up words, phrases, and sentence structure with ease.

2. Authentic Situations

Some textbooks offer, or try to offer, authentic situations. Usually a character named Mary has lost something or is lost herself and asks for help. Conversations are dry and not very casual. Movies, however, are just like real life. Except for the endings. People stutter when they’re nervous, they use slang, they have sayings and idioms. Movies involve natural situations and phrases you need to know that a textbook or classroom won’t include. Phrases to break up with someone, if someone breaks up with you, if you need to defend yourself, if you’d like to show respect to a superior, etc.  If you want to learn real English, movies are the best way if you don’t live in an English-speaking country. If you do, they are the second best way.

3. Variety of Characters

Real life involves countless characters, personalities and accents. To become an advanced English speaker, you must learn to detect these differences and adapt. In order to learn, you must be exposed. Movies expose you to a world of different characters. Learning a language isn’t just listening, it’s also detecting sarcasm, resentment, annoyance, and body language. Not only that, but watching American movies helps you improve your American accent.

4. Selection

There are lots of movies. LOTS. One of America’s strengths is undoubtedly its movie business. There is something for every English learner. If you enjoy children’s movies or if you need child-appropriate movies, there are plenty. If you like thrillers or horrors, there are some for you too. Not to mention romance, comedy, drama, and more! English textbooks aren’t for everyone. Movies are.

5. Where Textbooks Leave Off

Textbooks generally can only take you to an intermediate level. After that, experience is typically what pushes you to advanced levels. This means using it in the workplace, talking conversationally with a friend or someone online (like me!), watching movies/tv, and reading books/newspapers. Movies step in where textbooks leave off and fill in the gaps.

6. Endless Exercises

Movies are flexible! Even if you only watched one movie over, and over, again, there would be plenty of ways to improve with it every day. I cover a lot of these activities in our lessons, which you can take and work on your own as well. Movies are inexpensive, sometimes free. You determine how far they can take you.


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